Coding Audit

Let Us Audit Your Billing Coding and Discover Lost Revenue

Why Do I need a Coding Audit?

Regular audits can identify errors that can often get missed affecting profitability as well as put the ASC at risk for a compliance breach. Surgery Center Management Services has stepped in numerous times to rescue a fledgling ASC and once an ASC is deep in denials with high patient and insurance accounts receivables, the profitability of the center is in jeopardy. The risks and consequences are too high for NOT completing a coding audit. 

Denied Stamp

Denials and Rejections

Surgery Center Management Services has experience handling coding and billings issues. Sometimes the error is on the insurance side like when they fail to upload contracts correctly resulting in incorrect denials. Sometimes the error is an internal workflow issue and other times it’s a simple outdated coding issue. Since codes are updated annually, a regular audit is always prudent. 

Surgery Center Management Services will investigate denials, compare OP reports to billed charges, research diagnoses to insure they are payable and supported by the correct codes and documentation. Surgery Center Management Services will compare your fee schedules and State Medicaid guidelines to see if claims are processing per contract and then work past the denials. When necessary, an appeal can be issued.

Our Process

Surgery Center Management Services makes sure your coding and billing is complete focusing on coding, documentation, insurance verification, authorizations, implant accountability and workflow to make sure your coding and billing is complete and covers all fee schedules.

We will ensure all ancillary charges such as implants are being billed. Areas of concern can be analyzed, and a customized report developed quicker and less expensive than seeking support from your software vendor.

In addition, Surgery Center Management Services only gets paid after you do, except for a monthly minimum for management services.

Workflow Variables

Coding Experience

Billing and coding are complex services that affect the bottom line. Surgery Center Management Services has decades of experience.

With our in-house certified billing professionals we welcome the challenge to improve any existing facility with better billing protocol so surgeons and staff can focus on positive medical care to their patients. Let us help improve your coding work flow. 

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