ASC Billing Services

Money Management

Billing Management Services

Our billing services onboarding includes set up for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and electronic maintenance of claims, so payment lag time is limited. Our billing staff executes the highest standards of working insurance denials and Accounts Receivable to obtain optimal revenue. All payments are balanced to Bank deposits. Professionally trained staff systematically processes patient statements and patient phone inquiries. ASC Billing services include:

• Billing Software demonstrations with Training
• Hardware and Scanning Set up
• Staffing (if using Management Services)
• Insurance Credentialing

Lost Billing Revenue Management

SCMS has stepped in numerous times to rescue a fledgling ASC. Once a center is deep in denials and high patient and insurance Accounts Receivable, the profitability of the center is jeopardized. We have discovered many insurances fail to upload contracts correctly resulting in incorrect denials. Problems initiated during the first few months can have long lasting negative impact on your profitability.

  • Evaluate workflow in center to billers.
  • Review billing in comparison to Op Reports.
  • Balance deposits to bank.
  • Review contracts and Fee Schedules
  • Work denials past and current to research trends and appeal if applicable.
  • Send patient statements systematically and take patient phone inquiries.
  • Communicate with facility staff on issues affecting billing.
Money in Your Hand

Problematic Billing Issues Corrected

Is your billing department leaving money on the table? Billing errors can seriously impact an ASCs profitability. Often times, ancillary items get lost in facility billing. SCMS focuses on coding, documentation, insurance verification, authorizations, implant accountability and work flow to make sure your coding and billing is complete and covers all fee schedules. We welcome the challenge to improve any existing facility with better billing protocol so the surgeons and staff can focus on positive medical care to their patients.  Request a Coding Audit today.

Critical Start-up Billing Services

Nothing is worse than a surgeon having a new facility but is unable to use it because of delays in insurance accreditation or software installation and training. We encourage starting billing management decisions 4 months prior to occupancy and Surgery Center Management Services will help you make those critical billing decisions so you are not missing this important piece.

The heavy lifting of complex billing and coding is performed by certified and experienced billing professionals with decades of experience getting your ASC profitable sooner. Let SCMS’ billing professionals facilitate meaningful revenue generation for your ASC quickly and without the costs associated with additional employees. SCMS only gets paid after you do, with the exception of a monthly minimum for management services providing the ASC an additional financial benefit.

A piece of the whole

A La Carte Billing Services

During the most critical and stressful time, when emotions and budgets are stretched to their max, we provide peace of mind by transitioning your ASC from the construction phase to the operational phase. Our team streamlines the startup process by providing the essential management services in one complete bundled package or if preferred a la carte.

Your success is in our best interest and at the lowest possible startup cost and as such SCMS offers the following billing services a la carte:


  • RCM / Billing Services
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Software Support
  • ASC Management
The timeline for opening your ACS after the occupancy permit is obtained is as follows:
  • .8 Test Cases performed free to submit to Medicare for accreditation.
  • 3 -5 week window for Medicare approval of PTAN.
  • Begin scheduling Medicare cases close to when approval is expected.
  • During the weeks prior to obtaining the Medicare PTAN, all other insurances’ credentialing forms will be filled out, awaiting the Medicare information that is required. These will be sent as soon as Medicare is approved and forms can be finalized.
  • Reach out to Provider Representatives weekly to insure contracting is on file and processing.
  • Review contracts, review fee schedules, obtain signatures and document issuance date.
  • We will notify the office when each new insurance is approved, so patients with newly approved plans can begin to be scheduled.